October 15, 2017

Dreaming wide awake

A while ago I had a quick photoshoot with Ciriel (Miyadoll Dreaming Tory)~ I wanted to get some proper photos of her after finishing sewing her first outfit! I hadn't found any shoes that would suit her perfectly, but then remembered a pair that I have for Lulu... And now those shoes belong to Ciri, I guess X'D

The title of this post comes from a song by Poets of the Fall ♥ They're one of my favorite bands ever and a big inspiration for me~ Especially their lyrics are so inspirational ♥♥


Big thanks to Sarg for the headdress and wrist cuffs ♥


I wanted to include some photos of Ciri together with her mom, Gwyn, but that has to wait as Gwyn needs to get some new clothes first... ^^; It would be super cute if they had matching outfits! ♥

September 22, 2017

Guilty eyes, guilty kiss

I have some photos to share from this little photoshoot of Renate and Zinnia! Something happened between them in our RP story, so we were inspired to take some fluffy pictures... All of this better remain as a secret though, since both are actually taken and their significant others would not be happy to find out about this little moment =_=

If you follow Sarg on Instagram, you might've seen shots of this photoshoot already a few weeks ago when the photos were actually taken - I'm just super slow and didn't manage to edit all the photos (and finish the blog post) until now ;___; Time just flies, it feels like it has only been a week...

Renate (Iplehouse EID Raffine) is Sarg's doll, Zinnia (Iplehouse SID Stella) is mine :3


September 1, 2017

Summer memories

The Finnish summer is pretty much gone and we're moving towards autumn, so I thought this would be a good moment to look back and reminisce the summer days ^^ I have been very inactive with photographing during the summer, which is quite sad since I had so many ideas and plans on my mind... But there's always next year! :D

Anyway, let me share some photos that I took in mid July when I was at my parents' summer cottage!


Just one photo of Kaori :<

Funny fact: those white bokeh things are actually two swans that were flying over the lake X'D Their reflections show up as bokeh on the water too, lol.

I forgot to take extra clothes for Momo (besides the beach flip flops), so that's why she's still in her default gear in these photos ^^; I would've wanted her to wear something else, but oh well, she still looks cute :D

Am I the only one that gets a "goodbye summer" vibe from this photo? ;___;

As an extra photo from the cottage...

...have some camera-shy ducks :'D They were swimming towards our dock, but turned away when they saw me with the camera XDD


I also have some swan photos from Helsinki! Me and Sarg were just randomly walking when we came across a swarm of Canada Geese AND an adorable swan couple with four little cygnets ;___; ♥♥ Luckily I had the camera with me, so I managed to get some quick photos. I'd never been so close to a swan before, they're such majestic creatures!

One of the geese decided to photobomb when I tried to get closer, thanks a lot... =_=


Hope you all had a lovely summer! ♥

July 30, 2017

Summer WonFes 2017

I was planning that my next blog post would be for some summery photos, but that'll have to wait a bit since WonFes happened X'D WonFes means that it's time for some figure news! There were lots of announcements and updates that caught my attention, so I'll be sharing some of my thoughts with you guys~

In my previous WonFes posts I've pretty much just listed everything randomly, but this time I decided to try arranging the figures in some kind of an order. I listed new announcements first, then grey prototypes and lastly colored figures :3 I decided to not include the Azone doll announcements this time, since there wasn't really anything that caught my interest...

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Love Live Sunshine Kisekae World Nendoroid More series by Good Smile Company

As a big Love Live fan, I'm always excited to see new LL stuff, of course :D And this time there were not many LL announcements, but this Nendoroid More series seems interesting! Not the biggest fan of the outfits, but we'll see how they look on Nendos :)

Furikawa Nagisa Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

The announcement of this Nendoroid was probably the biggest WonFes surprise for me, but I'm very excited about her! Clannad is one of my all time favorite series and I looove Nagisa, so I definitely need this Nendo ♥ I really hope that GSC will make other characters from the series as well and it would be wonderful to see some Kanon characters as Nendos too ;___;

Kuro no Rider Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

It was quite obvious that there'd be some Fate/Apocrypha figure announcements :D I've been enjoying the anime so far and this character seems really interesting, so I might want to get him!

Aka no Saber Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

Yay, more Nendoroids for my Saber collection! ♥ It's a shame that "Red Saber" has gotten such little screentime in the anime so far, but from what I've seen I'm definitely loving her character~ Also, her voice actor is Miyuki Sawashiro, who is my favorite seiyuu of all time so that makes her even more precious ♥♥ 

Fujita Tatara Nendoroid by Orange Rouge

I really like Ballroom no Youkoso and I hope there will be more Nendoroids from this series, since it'd be fun to display them together x3 I don't think that I'd get Tatara just on his own, but if he gets a partner, I'd be tempted...

 Yamada Elf Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

I love Elf and was hoping to see her as a Nendoroid!! ♥ I have Sagiri Nendo on pre-order, so I obviously need to get this girl too :3

Jabami Yumeko Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

YES! ♥♥ Kakegurui seems to have become my favorite series from this anime season, even though I would've never guessed to love it so much... I don't know what it is about Yumeko's character, but I absolutely love her in all of her insanity XD This is going to be a must-have to my figure collection! ♥

Ahhh *____* I loooove her pose and expression, Kotobukiya has captured her character perfectly! ♥ Looking forward to seeing the finished figure~ If this still looks stunning when colored (and the price is reasonable), I might have to get her... >3<

Saber EXTRA Figma by Max Factory

SABER!! ♥ ...Nothing more to say XD

Saber EXTRA by Aquamarine

This has to be one of the most gorgeous Saber figures that I've seen! If she doesn't end up looking weird colored, she might end up in my collection :3 That sofa would also make a nice photography prop for tiny dolls... XD

Roy Mustang Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

Looking good, Roy is definitely on my wishlist! I'm hoping that GSC will make Riza Nendoroid as well ;3; Roy x Riza was one of the first pairings that I got into and I still love them~

Original Character by Flare 

This is completely random, but something about this figure captured my eye ^^; Guess I really like fairies, huh... The artwork that it's based on looks really pretty too!

I've probably said it before, but I'm not really a fan of Vocaloid or Miku... But I really like how this one looks ;w; Since I have the Miku Harvest Moon Nendoroid, one could say that I have a weakness for this design? :'D Now if only they make this one with pastel hair as well...

This looks just so stunning that I have no words... *o* I have Madoka on pre-order and will definitely pre-order Homura as well, can't wait to get them home and display them together! ♥ I just hope that they fit in the place that I've reserved for them, otherwise I'm gonna have problems... XD

Ariel Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

Yay finally pictures of Ariel! ♥ She's my favorite Disney character and means a lot to me, so I just have to get her x3 Her face does look a bit disappointing though, but I kinda knew to expect it. GSC just doesn't seem to be able to make the eyes look right for Disney Nendos, all of them have had this kind of weird expression... ^^;

These two looks so pretty and I love how their bases connect to form a circle when displayed together ♥ I talked with Sarg that she should get Taki and I could get Mitsuha... Or the other way around XD We watched Your Name recently and it was AMAZING! (If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend to watch it :3)

It's difficult to try to buy figures just of my two best Aqours girls (Mari and Kanan) when the other girls sometimes get such pretty figures with stunning outfits ;___; This Riko looks really pretty! ♥ Still, I'm trying hard to resist XD

Mercedes by Phat Company

Awww she looks so cute! ♥

This figure looks divine colored *___* Could I just have unlimited funds and unlimited display space for figures, please? :'D

Narmaya 1/7 scale by Broccoli

I haven't played Granblue Fantasy nor know this character, but oh gosh this figure is so beautiful ;___;


I think that's all! There were quite a few iDOLM@STER related announcements/figures for display, but none of them were characters that I like the most so I'm thankfully safe from those XD All iM@S figures do look amazing though...

If you have any personal favorites from the WonFes announcements, please tell me about them as I love hearing what figures other people are looking forward to :)

July 15, 2017

Sugar Dream Koron arrival

If you know me at all, you know that I love pastel colors and everything cute, so these super pastel collaboration Neemos that have been announced/released recently are very deadly to my wallet ^^; Of course I had to pre-order this Sugar Dream Koron! ♥

I was originally not a big fan of the shirt, since I generally don't like bunny things that much and the cat print on Chiika's shirt seemed much cuter. At some point I thought about buying her as well, just to get her outfit (or swap the shirts), but in the end I started to like the bunny shirt and didn't feel the need to buy Chiika anymore X'D

The package screams cuteness ;3;

Do you guys know the heart-shaped candy with cute words on them? I looove how Azone has used them for this box design ♥ After starting my media studies I've started to pay a lot more attention to different kinds of packaging designs, typography, etc. It'd be a dream job to create cute doll box designs :D

Cover of the leaflet

The outfit piece by piece

On this page Koron is pictured together with Chiika, which was the other collaboration doll announced at the same time (though her pre-orders started a month later than Koron's).

Hello there! Her bangs were quite messy and too long for my taste, so I cut them a bit...

Here she is with her shortened bangs :3 

This girl is my new Momo! Previously Momo was Rose Quartz Sahra, but I ended up not bonding with her so I sold her. My original plan was to have three different Sahra releases as sisters Miki, Misa and Momo, but they all are going to have different faces and only one of them (Miki) is still a Sahra ^^; Still haven't found a new Misa, but I must say that I'm very tempted to hunt down Sugar Dream Miu...

Close-up of the bunny print

And a close-up of the bag. It would've been nice if there had been an animal illustration on the bag as well, but this works too :)

The doll is really cute, but there's quite a noticeable color difference between the head and body. I don't know why it doesn't really bother me when it comes to Pureneemos, if this was a BJD, the difference would drive me insane X'D I still don't think that Azone should sell the brand new dolls looking like this, though... If there's no color difference in the promo photos, there shouldn't be color difference in the products they send out either =.= But I guess people don't really care about such things, especially in Japan where most doll collectors probably just buy these dolls to put them on display.

Three of my pink-haired Neemos ♥ Love how they all have pink hair, but the shades are different :3 I think this Koron has the most beautiful shade of pink so far, it's like bubblegum or cotton candy~

I just had to take a picture of Momo with Bulla, this round super soft cat plushie that I got from the latest anime convention :D If only this exact plushie also existed in a tiny size...

I'm excited to see if there will be more dolls in this Sugar Dream series (besides Koron, Chiika and Miu), would love to see some pastel purple hair *o* Although at the same time I'm also hoping that there won't be any new Neemos that I need to get, since I really need to save up for next year's travelling plans XD


I'm currently at my parents and we'll leave to our summer cottage tomorrow. Gonna stay there for a week and hopefully get some nice photos, as I have 2 Dollfie Dreams and 3 Pureneemos with me :) The weather forecast for the week seems quite promising so far!