May 21, 2017

BJD crew changes & updates

Hey guys, it's been quite a while! ...Again. Unfortunately I haven't had much inspiration nor energy for the blog lately, mainly due to all the stress from school stuff :/ But now that I'm almost done with my practical exams and the summer break is just 2 weeks away, I'll hopefully manage to be more active here XD

There are some changes happening in my BJD crew right now, so I thought I could write a post about that.


First of all, I decided to sell a few BJDs. Some of these are actually very dear to me, but I just haven't been inspired to do anything with them for years, so I thought that it's finally the time to just let go and find new homes for them ;___; I don't want to have any dolls in my crew just for the sake of them being pretty, I also need to feel inspired by them.

Deri (Soom Sweet Witch) --- Ruri (Soom Clozel) --- Lili (Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf)

Deri (Soom Sweet Witch) --- Ruri (Soom Clozel) --- Lili (Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf)

  Marissa (Soom Minette) --- Sindra (Souldoll Junia)

I'm planning to re-shell Marissa as one of Miyadoll's sculpts at some point and I know that I'm gonna miss Deri and Ruri for sure, so I might get them back if I ever find new sculpts for them (Souldoll?). For the others I don't have any "comeback" plans so far. For now they'll just exist as characters in our RP story :3


There's also a new arrival that I haven't posted about on my blog yet. I received Ryx, my Soom ID75 York around 6 weeks ago, but he arrived with a head that didn't match the rest of the doll at all >.< I was so disappointed that I didn't want to post the box opening pictures anywhere. I had to send the head and a hand (for color matching) back to Soom and wait for them to send me another head, which I finally received this week.

I still don't think that the match is 100% perfect, but it's not really noticeable anymore. Now I'm happy with Ryx and hoping to show him with a faceup soon~ ♥ He only has boxers and shoes so far, so I need to make some clothes for him as well XD I could've worked on something while I was waiting for the new head, but the disappointing situation didn't really inspire me to do anything for him... Now that everything's okay, I can finally feel myself getting inspired by this guy!

I got my Frappzilla wig order a little before the replacement head arrived and it was great to see that this wig fits him perfectly! ♥ I had been a bit worried about the fit, since ID guys have quite huge heads XD I loooove this wig~ ♥ I think I'll add some extensions to the back though, just to make it a little bit longer and even better looking.

April 2, 2017

Miyadoll Dreaming Tory arrival

Long time no blogging, huh? ^^; I haven't had much to blog about, although I do have some photos that I should edit and post at some point... But I received a new doll on Friday and wanted to post this box opening now, before I either forget or get terribly backlogged XD

As you can see from the title, this girl is Dreaming Tory from Miyadoll. She's the limited Dreamy Cat version that came with cute cat ears :3 I actually wanted to get her on the Baby Mocha body, which is smaller than Tory's default body, Little Mocha. As for skin color, I went with milktea skin ♥

I placed my order on January 2nd and got shipping notice on March 27th. To my big surprise, she actually got through the customs without me having to pay the custom fees O_o I haven't had this happen with my packages for a looong time.

The lovely pink doll box! ♥ I think that Miyadoll has the cutest boxes ever~

I got a pink teddybear pouch as a winter event gift and Miyadoll wanted to send Sarg one as well! ♥

These are sooo cute! ♥ Perfect for travelling with the smaller dolls :3

Cute little mummy! *3*

Hello Ciri ♥ Her name is actually Ciriel, but I like to shorten it to Ciri XD

With her CoA :3

Me and Sarg got some super cute gifts ;___; The bigger ones are human-size bracelets and the small ones are necklaces for dolls! Pink for me and blue for Sarg ♥

The doll came with extra string, eyes, fist hands and cat ears ;3;

There was barely any natural light as it was evening already, so I decided to continue taking photos on the next morning.

Ciri only has her own eyes now, no wig or clothes yet ^^; She's also wearing the necklace that I got from Miyadoll~

A bit of a closeup to show her cute face and sparkly Mako eyes better! 

The head looks really nice on this body, though the silicone ring makes the neck seem a bit too long. I'll make a posing review and take some comparison photos of the two Miyadoll bodies some time later :)

In our story, Ciri is a happy little wolf cub. Her parents are my Gwynithia (Soom Cuprit) and Sarg's Morgan (Soom Hyperon). I actually got a pair of the cat ears with my Miyadoll Vivienne, and now a second pair with Tory, so Gwyn and Ciri can have matching ears ♥♥ Sarg is also going to make a fur tail for Gwyn and maybe another one for Ciri, if the fur is not too thick for small scale.

I hope I can get started on her faceup soon. I have Tuesdays off from school for the rest of the semester, so I should be able to at least start then :3 And once I'm done, I need to take some photos of Ciri and her mom together! ♥ Poor Morgan doesn't have a faceup atm, Sarg's been meaning to re-paint him, so it'll be a while before the three can pose in photos as a family XD

February 22, 2017

WonFes Winter 2017 news

The winter Wonder Festival 2017 was held in Japan last Sunday and there were sooo many figure announcements that I'm super excited about! ♥ But at the same time I also hope that some of these will turn out not to look so good so that I don't have to buy them all, hahah X'D Usually I'm very picky about scale figures and thus there are not many that I find interesting, but this time there were surprisingly many scale figures that I fell in love with...

Here is a list of the new announcements and here is another list for updates to figures that have been announced earlier.

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Ultimate Madoka 1/8 scale by Aniplex

I've followed the development of this figure since the concept art was released and pre-ordered her right away after she became available~ Thank god I won't have to pay until her release in December XD

The fully colored figure was revealed during the WonFes and she looks just perfect ♥ I can't say how much I'm looking forward to getting her ;3; Now I'm glad that I haven't bought Good Smile Company's Ultimate Madoka scale figure, since I like this one a lot more! My only concern at the moment is her huge size... 44cm with wings O_O And I honestly have no idea where she'd fit, lol.

Akuma Homura 1/8 scale by Aniplex

Aaaand of course there's also going to be Akuma Homura figure to match Madoka *o* ♥♥ There's only a prototype of her so far, but these two look gorgeous side by side~ I absolutely want to get this one too, so I hope that she won't be released to close to Madoka's release month >.< It'll probably take until 2018, though.

Hanayo & Rin 1/7 scale by Alter

These two new Love Live scale figures look lovely as well~ Neither of them belongs to my favorite characters in the series, but I might cave in and pre-order Hanayo (the one on left), depending on when she'll be released.

OH. MY. GOD. The prototype of this Ranko was actually on display at last summer's WonFes and now they revealed the fully colored figure! This is the most beautiful figure of Ranko so far and I really want her ;___; My wallet is already crying because of all these lovely scale figures...

Anzu 1/7 scale by Alter

Anzu will be getting a scale figure as well! ♥ I checked some art of the outfit she's wearing and the colors look really pretty... If Alter sticks to the original colors and doesn't screw things up, this is most likely going to be another must-have figure >3< Hopefully Alter (or some other company) will also make a 1/7 Kirari at some point~

Gwendolyn Dress ver. by Flare

Absolutely love the design of this, but I might have to pass on her because of all the other figures that I want to get...

Albedo 1/8 scale by Good Smile Company

I never actually finished watching Overlord, but I liked Albedo as a character a lot and this figure looks really pretty too. I seem to have a thing for pretty ladies with wings, hahah XD

Kanan Figma by Max Factory

Kanan baby~ ♥ Instead of collecting all the Love Live Sunshine girls as Figmas, I decided to only get my favorite girl, which is Kanan. Though I might want to get Mari as a friend for her too, the two are just so adorable together ^^;

Saber Lily Figma by Max Factory

Lillie Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

I love Lillie, really happy to see her getting a Nendoroid version! Though I would've preferred GSC to go with the anime version, since she has Alolan Vulpix there and that would've been even more adorable as a companion than Cosmog. Still, will most likely pre-order her, unless she ends up being super expensive and/or exclusive.

Mami Maiko ver. Nendoroid by Good Smile Company

Disney Nendoroids by Good Smile Company

This was the biggest surprise for me among the WonFes news! I think the only Disney characters that GSC has made as Nendoroids so far have been Anna and Elsa from Frozen, so this was not expected at all. I definitely want at least Ariel, since she's my favorite Disney princess ever ♥ Tinkerbell and Rapunzel are tempting as well~

Kirito DD by Volks

Last but not least, Volks revealed that they're going to make Kirito as a Dollfie Dream! I'm not interested in him as a Kirito, but excited to see if the sculpt would work as another character for my and Sarg's plans :3 It's still uncertain whether he'll be on the same DDS body as Len, or if there'll be a brand new, taller male DD body. There'll also be a new Asuna and the previous one was a DD, not a DDS, so it's possible that this new version would be on the taller body too. If that's the case, then Kirito would need to be taller than a DDS as well. According to some Twitter comments, he's already on production, so there should be more info sometime, hopefully soon!


Two new Pureneemo dolls were also revealed in WonFes, but those didn't interest me personally so I haven't included them in this post.

Do you guys have any favorites from the WonFes releases? :)

February 12, 2017

Snow Queen Mia & Picco Raili

Double box opening incoming!! :D I got both of these girls this week and thought that I'd introduce them in the same post, although that unfortunately caused this to get a bit picture-heavy...

First up is Snow Queen Mia, who arrived one day before little Raili. This is one of my favorite fullsets from Azone so far and I knew from the moment I saw the first photos of her that I'd have to get her >.<

Her box design is sooo beautiful! ♥

The story leaflet

Although I can't read Japanese well enough to translate the story (maybe one day?), I find it fun to try to guess what happens based on just the photos XD

An overview of her outfit, which I think looks really pretty! ♥

But one thing I must say is that her boots are such a pain to get on her feet... They're so tight and don't open at all ^^; I did manage to get them on in the end, but it did take some time... Try to put the shoes on without socks and the poor feet would be lost inside the boots forever, hahah :DD

She has such lovely, long hair~ ♥

She is definitely well-prepared for the Finnish winter! :D It's been around -15 celcius here on some days (and even colder in the northern parts of the country), so a warm cape is a must!

This version is actually the first Mia with this kind of mouth, all the previous ones have been smiling. It's a nice little change, especially since I already have one smiling Mia, so this way they don't look too similar :)

Speaking of similarities... Here's a photo with Sayuri (Swan Lake Raili)~ I was thinking that these two would be good friends, but they actually look like they could be even relatives D: The name that I picked for Mia is Kaede, which means "maple" in Japanese, while Sayuri means "water lily"... So even their names make them seem like relatives XD I need to think about this a little bit!

And a quick comparison of the skin tone difference! Mia is usually normal skin, but the white skin definitely works much better for this Snow Queen version and looks good with her hair color :3


Moving on to Picconeemo Raili~
She was actually supposed to be released last December already, but got delayed a few times for some reason. I don't remember this happening before with any of the Azone dolls that I've pre-ordered, so it was quite a surprise. But now she's home at last! ^3^

I picked her up from the post office on Friday evening, but it was already too dark for photos so I had to wait until next morning to open her :<

Raili is the second Picconeemo to be released with this improved body and the first one to have an improved M body, as well as the first to be in white skin. I didn't remember to take a photo, but she did come with a selection of extra hand parts! Which is a good thing, since I only had the hand parts for the new body in normal skin XD

Leaflet cover

"Hello, nice to meet you! owo I'm a Raili, but please call me Rina~"

Miu: "Uh, Rina-chan... let me help you get that plastic thing off..."
Rina: "???"

Rina: "Oh, right~ I feel much better now!"

Now let's try that hello pose again XD

Looking good! (It cut her front hair a bit at this point too)

Her face is so cute and that little hat is adorable XD ♥

Miu: "This arrow is saying that you took a plane from Finland to Japan... but didn't you just come to Finland from Japan? @.@"
Rina: "Yes I did! But in Azone's story I'm an exchange student from Finland :3"

Miu will make sure that Rina adapts well to the Picconeemo family ^^ At least these two seem to be getting along well~

Now that I have both the old and new Picconeemo bodies in S and M size, I could take a comparison photo of them... I feel like the new M body is about the same height as the old S, if not even shorter, but it's hard to say until I compare them side by side without any clothes or shoes. Not sure if I'll make a whole post about it, but at least I'll upload the comparison photo on my Flickr once I have some time :)