June 15, 2017

Flower Kitty

I guess this is my Sio2 cat's first appearance in this blog! I got her last December already, but never posted a box opening or any introduction here... Haven't had the time and inspiration for taking proper photos of her either, until this week ^^; But now it's time to share Kitty's first photo shoot with you guys! (Yes, her name is just Kitty... XD)

Sarg brought some real flowers home, so I decided to use them in the photos :3 We threw them away right after I finished the shoot, since they had quite a strong smell X'D This Sio2 cat has pretty simple jointing and thus isn't the most versatile poser in the world, but her cuteness definitely makes up for it and she can do quite adorable poses! ♥

Below I also have two older photos of Kitty, to show off her blushing better! ♥

The faceup and blushing is all by Sarg! ♥ She used airbrush on the hair to get that smooth gradient from pink to purple, everything else is done with pastels and acrylics. I wanted quite simple body blushing to avoid it looking horrible if it gets chipped or something. And she will wear clothes most of the time anyway XD

The cutest cat butt ever! XD

Hope you liked the photos! Also, if you happen to have any questions about the Sio2 cat, I'd be happy to answer them :3 I feel like Bleater is a much more popular doll from Sio2 and there are not so many of these cats around.


I'll be going to an anime convention tomorrow (Friday) and won't be coming home until Sunday, so I guess I'll make the next post sometime next week and it'll be about the event >:3 I hope it'll be a fun weekend, fingers crossed for good weather!

June 12, 2017

Meow x Meow Lycee box opening

I haven't posted any Pureneemo box openings after February, even though I've received a few dolls after that... IRL stuff kept me so busy that I had to open the dolls in a hurry and didn't really have the time for taking any BO pictures :/ It's a shame, since I'd love to document all of my doll arrivals to have a nice memory for later. But at least now that I have more time during the summer, I can post box openings of the dolls that arrive before my summer break ends!

Anyway, this is the box opening of my Meow x Meow a la Mode Lycee ! She is the standard version :) Because I'm stupid and forgot to set up my alarm, I missed the pre-orders pretty much everywhere, but luckily managed to find her from CDJapan - they still had ONE available :'D I got so lucky there, I know many people missed on her and have been having a hard time trying to find her afterwards...

I really love this cat-themed series from Azone - the outfits are so adorable and most of them feature cute pastel colors! ♥ Each of the dolls comes with a set of cat ear hairband and tail too~ With this Lycee, I fell in love with the combination of pastel purple and black, the cute cat print on the dress and the adorable hoodie with cat ears! ♥ I also have Sahra and Maya from the Meow x Meow series, and I'd love to get my hands on the Direct Store version of Alisa as well (mainly for the clothes though) ;3; I have a feeling that Azone knows what's my (and many other people's) weak spot, lol...

Now let's move on to the photos!

The cutie in the box!

I love how her mouth can look like ":I" from far, but when you get a closer look you see that it's actually ":3"

Side of the box

And the other side


Cover of the leaflet, featuring both standard and Direct Store version of Lycee

An overview of all the outfit pieces and accessories she comes with 

Instructions on how to put on the cat tail. I love the idea of a little "pocket" on back of the panties, it's really easy to slip the magnet inside and the tail stays on its place very well! This way you can also easily use the tail on some other doll, it just needs to wear the panties :3

The pictures on right show some alternative dress-up ideas, those outfits really show how different the same doll can look just by changing the outfit!

I must admit that I'm quite tempted to try to find the pink-haired Lycee as well... I don't need the doll itself though, but I'd really like to get the outfit and it's so hard to find the default outfits for sale separately :/ The only ones that I've been have cost pretty much the same as the whole doll, so...

Out of the box! Now we just need to take that plastic thing off...

Kirari says hello! ♥ I previously had Kirari as Maya, but I didn't bond with her so well. I'm liking this doll a lot more already and think that she's a better fit for Kirari's character :3

Her hair looks black in most photos, but it's actually a very, very dark brown. It's so close to black that you wouldn't be able to tell, unless you compared it with a doll that has raven black hair :D

Here you can see the length of her hair a bit better :3

Put on the cat hairband, so adorable~ *w* ♥

Nyan nyan~ ♥♥

I didn't take any photos with the hoodie... As much as I love it, I think it would actually work better with some other outfit because of the puffy sleeves on this dress ^^;

I'm really happy with this doll, but it was a bit disappointing to see how poorly the bows on the socks had been sewed on... Basically one of them was already half loose when I took the doll out of the package >.< After these photos I ended up removing the bows completely and threw them to trash, lol XD The socks actually look even cuter without the bows, I think!

June 5, 2017

Ryx's faceup

Just a little update on my Soom York since he now has a faceup!
This guy's character has developed a lot in a couple of years and gone through some changes, both in appearance and personality. I previously had Ryx as Soom Photon, back then he looked like this! Looking at old faceups you've painted feels just horrible XDD

All the credit for this new gorgeous faceup goes to Sarg ♥ She's such a faceup wizard hahah XD

I also have two test photos with the eyes and wig:

I really love this eye style on Ryx, it fits his character perfectly! I just wish the iris was slightly smaller :/ These are 14mm, but 12mm eyes would gap too much from the corners... This sculpt seems to have one of those challenging eye shapes - small, yet wide =_= He'd need 14mm eyes with the iris size of 12mm eyes X'D Buuut, maybe I'll get used to this look, it doesn't look too bad!

As for the wig, it's perfect! ♥ Overall I'm really loving this boy now and feel like York works as his character much better than Photon did. I also feel like there's now more resemblance to his sister Melanthe, who is NS Soom Cuprit.

Next step would be designing Ryx's tattoos and painting them, the latter will fall on Sarg's shoulders again XD I like designing tattoos on paper, but my shaky hands and precise brush work on a doll are not a good combination... Really glad that I have Sarg to help me out with things! But yeah, Ryx is going to have something on his upper torso and arms. I have some ideas, but haven't completely made up my mind about them yet :) Sarg needs to work on some other faceups anyway, so I have time to think about the designs and sketch.

I've been working on a pair of leather pants for Ryx as well, hopefully I manage to finish them later this week :3 I'd love to make him a leather jacket as well, to go with those pants, but not sure if my sewing skills are good enough to be able to pull it off... Guess we'll see about that later X'D For starters, maybe I'll just make a simple tank top! (even found a nice fabric for it recently)

June 1, 2017

Cherry blossoms 2017

Me and Sarg visited the local cherry blossom park a few weeks ago and got to see the lovely flowers in full bloom \o/ I guess visiting there has become a yearly tradition for us, I've also made a post from our visits in 2016 and 2015.

The weather was very sunny, which made photographing quite a challenge... Half of the time I couldn't even see the camera screen properly, lol. It would've been nice if it was at least a little bit cloudy ^^; But still, while some of the photos failed miserably, some turned out quite nicely!

I had one of my DD girls with me~ It was hard to choose which one to bring, but I ended up picking Shira since I thought this yukata would look great on her :3 And I haven't taken any proper photos of her yet, so it was her time to get some attention!

All the pictures of Emi turned out quite crappy and overexposed :<  I'm a bit sad about it, especially since I had just gotten that cute Pureneemo sized parasol and you can't really see the pretty flowers that Sarg painted on it...

I made some Picconeemo sized yukatas recently and thought that these colors suit Rina-chan perfectly~ I'm also really happy that Azone released those zori sandals in Picconeemo size! ♥ Ended up ordering a bunch of them, they can easily be colored with acrylics too for more different colors *3*

I also took some photos of the flowers itself. Cherry blossoms are so beautiful, I wish we could have one (or two, hahah) of these trees on our own yard ;___; ♥

May 21, 2017

BJD crew changes & updates

Hey guys, it's been quite a while! ...Again. Unfortunately I haven't had much inspiration nor energy for the blog lately, mainly due to all the stress from school stuff :/ But now that I'm almost done with my practical exams and the summer break is just 2 weeks away, I'll hopefully manage to be more active here XD

There are some changes happening in my BJD crew right now, so I thought I could write a post about that.


First of all, I decided to sell a few BJDs. Some of these are actually very dear to me, but I just haven't been inspired to do anything with them for years, so I thought that it's finally the time to just let go and find new homes for them ;___; I don't want to have any dolls in my crew just for the sake of them being pretty, I also need to feel inspired by them.

Deri (Soom Sweet Witch) --- Ruri (Soom Clozel) --- Lili (Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf)

Deri (Soom Sweet Witch) --- Ruri (Soom Clozel) --- Lili (Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf)

  Marissa (Soom Minette) --- Sindra (Souldoll Junia)

I'm planning to re-shell Marissa as one of Miyadoll's sculpts at some point and I know that I'm gonna miss Deri and Ruri for sure, so I might get them back if I ever find new sculpts for them (Souldoll?). For the others I don't have any "comeback" plans so far. For now they'll just exist as characters in our RP story :3


There's also a new arrival that I haven't posted about on my blog yet. I received Ryx, my Soom ID75 York around 6 weeks ago, but he arrived with a head that didn't match the rest of the doll at all >.< I was so disappointed that I didn't want to post the box opening pictures anywhere. I had to send the head and a hand (for color matching) back to Soom and wait for them to send me another head, which I finally received this week.

I still don't think that the match is 100% perfect, but it's not really noticeable anymore. Now I'm happy with Ryx and hoping to show him with a faceup soon~ ♥ He only has boxers and shoes so far, so I need to make some clothes for him as well XD I could've worked on something while I was waiting for the new head, but the disappointing situation didn't really inspire me to do anything for him... Now that everything's okay, I can finally feel myself getting inspired by this guy!

I got my Frappzilla wig order a little before the replacement head arrived and it was great to see that this wig fits him perfectly! ♥ I had been a bit worried about the fit, since ID guys have quite huge heads XD I loooove this wig~ ♥ I think I'll add some extensions to the back though, just to make it a little bit longer and even better looking.

April 2, 2017

Miyadoll Dreaming Tory arrival

Long time no blogging, huh? ^^; I haven't had much to blog about, although I do have some photos that I should edit and post at some point... But I received a new doll on Friday and wanted to post this box opening now, before I either forget or get terribly backlogged XD

As you can see from the title, this girl is Dreaming Tory from Miyadoll. She's the limited Dreamy Cat version that came with cute cat ears :3 I actually wanted to get her on the Baby Mocha body, which is smaller than Tory's default body, Little Mocha. As for skin color, I went with milktea skin ♥

I placed my order on January 2nd and got shipping notice on March 27th. To my big surprise, she actually got through the customs without me having to pay the custom fees O_o I haven't had this happen with my packages for a looong time.

The lovely pink doll box! ♥ I think that Miyadoll has the cutest boxes ever~

I got a pink teddybear pouch as a winter event gift and Miyadoll wanted to send Sarg one as well! ♥

These are sooo cute! ♥ Perfect for travelling with the smaller dolls :3

Cute little mummy! *3*

Hello Ciri ♥ Her name is actually Ciriel, but I like to shorten it to Ciri XD

With her CoA :3

Me and Sarg got some super cute gifts ;___; The bigger ones are human-size bracelets and the small ones are necklaces for dolls! Pink for me and blue for Sarg ♥

The doll came with extra string, eyes, fist hands and cat ears ;3;

There was barely any natural light as it was evening already, so I decided to continue taking photos on the next morning.

Ciri only has her own eyes now, no wig or clothes yet ^^; She's also wearing the necklace that I got from Miyadoll~

A bit of a closeup to show her cute face and sparkly Mako eyes better! 

The head looks really nice on this body, though the silicone ring makes the neck seem a bit too long. I'll make a posing review and take some comparison photos of the two Miyadoll bodies some time later :)

In our story, Ciri is a happy little wolf cub. Her parents are my Gwynithia (Soom Cuprit) and Sarg's Morgan (Soom Hyperon). I actually got a pair of the cat ears with my Miyadoll Vivienne, and now a second pair with Tory, so Gwyn and Ciri can have matching ears ♥♥ Sarg is also going to make a fur tail for Gwyn and maybe another one for Ciri, if the fur is not too thick for small scale.

I hope I can get started on her faceup soon. I have Tuesdays off from school for the rest of the semester, so I should be able to at least start then :3 And once I'm done, I need to take some photos of Ciri and her mom together! ♥ Poor Morgan doesn't have a faceup atm, Sarg's been meaning to re-paint him, so it'll be a while before the three can pose in photos as a family XD