November 20, 2017

Autumn photo spam!

There are some autumn photos from last month that I still haven't shared, so I thought I'd do that now after finally editing them! I was spending the weekend at my parents' cottage at the time and had two dolls with me, in hopes of getting some final autumn photos before the snow.

I'm really happy with how the photos of Janna turned out! ♥ The colors of her outfit blend in the scenery so nicely :3

She found a flower that hadn't withered yet :)

I also had Miina (Miyadoll Vivienne) with me, but her photos didn't succeed very well... That happens sometimes, especially since I'm such a perfectionist :'D

It was a positive surprise to see how sturdily she can stand on one feet without any extra support!

Lately the weather has been really crappy and dark, so I haven't been able to take any decent photos (only some phone snapshots for Instagram). The Finnish autumn/winter is not very co-operative with doll photography: indoors it's too dark 95% of the time and outside it's always rain/mud/other crap XDD So instead of photography, I've been focusing on sewing. The dolls are always in need of new clothes :D

November 1, 2017

Picconeemo Halloween party

I think in most countries the "official" Halloween was celebrated on October 31st, so I'm just a little bit late with these photos ^^; I did take them in time, but once again the editing took a bit more time than I had expected... I'm currently practicing shooting and editing in RAW (now that I finally have a Photoshop version that can actually open those files!) and while I've done plenty of that at school, it's much more difficult on my laptop because all the settings are such a mess >.< So yeah, it'll still take me some time and practice to get everything just the way I want, after that things will be a lot faster and easier :)

But back to the subject of this post, Halloween! I absolutely love Halloween, have always loved it, and I've been happy to notice that it keeps getting more and more popular here in Finland :) Many stores have a selection of Halloween goodies, such as themed food, candy, decorations (which often can be used as doll-sized props) and even clothes! Me and Sarg didn't buy any new decorations this year, but we tried out some french fries and chicken nuggets that were shaped like different Halloween creatures XD Those were actually quite yummy! Oh and we also got a tiny bat and ghost that were originally hair clips (from H&M), they are perfect doll-sized plushies~ On the photo below, you can see Miu holding the ghost and the bat is on top of the pumpkin lantern >:3


A close-up of the table! Besides the tableware, everything is self-made (by either Sarg or me). Sarg even made that awesome pumpkin "basket" for the lollipops! *o* Most of this stuff was already made a few years ago, we didn't have a lot of time to make more this year...


Hope you all had a wonderful day, whether or not you celebrate Halloween ^3^