June 15, 2017

Flower Kitty

I guess this is my Sio2 cat's first appearance in this blog! I got her last December already, but never posted a box opening or any introduction here... Haven't had the time and inspiration for taking proper photos of her either, until this week ^^; But now it's time to share Kitty's first photo shoot with you guys! (Yes, her name is just Kitty... XD)

Sarg brought some real flowers home, so I decided to use them in the photos :3 We threw them away right after I finished the shoot, since they had quite a strong smell X'D This Sio2 cat has pretty simple jointing and thus isn't the most versatile poser in the world, but her cuteness definitely makes up for it and she can do quite adorable poses! ♥

Below I also have two older photos of Kitty, to show off her blushing better! ♥

The faceup and blushing is all by Sarg! ♥ She used airbrush on the hair to get that smooth gradient from pink to purple, everything else is done with pastels and acrylics. I wanted quite simple body blushing to avoid it looking horrible if it gets chipped or something. And she will wear clothes most of the time anyway XD

The cutest cat butt ever! XD

Hope you liked the photos! Also, if you happen to have any questions about the Sio2 cat, I'd be happy to answer them :3 I feel like Bleater is a much more popular doll from Sio2 and there are not so many of these cats around.


I'll be going to an anime convention tomorrow (Friday) and won't be coming home until Sunday, so I guess I'll make the next post sometime next week and it'll be about the event >:3 I hope it'll be a fun weekend, fingers crossed for good weather!