January 19, 2018

Possible blog changes?

Hi guys!
There are some blog related things that I've been thinking about and figured that I could talk about them before making any new posts :)

Long story short, I have been contemplating about transferring my blog to Wordpress and was wondering how would you feel about this change as a reader? I have only used Blogger for blogging so far, but after starting my media studies and getting to try out Wordpress for some school projects, I've personally started to prefer Wordpress over Blogger due to many reasons...

I read both Wordpress and Blogger blogs, and as a reader the only big difference that I have noticed is the commenting options. This got me thinking... Many people who comment on my blog are using a Blogger account, which makes it super fast and easy to comment on other Blogger blogs. But when it comes to commenting on a Wordpress blog, you'd either need to login using a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account, or type your name and email address to comment. There are many plugins available for Wordpress, so I guess there might be some options that I'm not aware of yet, but I feel like leaving comments might be more complicated for Blogger users?

Do you guys read any Wordpress blogs and if you do, which way do you use to comment on them? Are there any other things as a reader that you like or dislike about Wordpress?

I'll probably delete this post later once I figure out what to do, but for now I'd like to hear out your opinions! ♥